Reflection On Big Idea

I think my sharing session was okay most people that came to our workshop, listened then some other mucked around, so I think that next time I could be a bit more controllable with peoples actions.

What went well was we were organised with all our information, and it wasn’t all over our books on different pages.

What I could improve on for next time is speaking a little louder, and not look at my book all the time.

The most interesting fact I learnt from my research was that immigrants from England have been the largest group to migrate from England to Australia.

I used my investigation time alright. Because every time I would be looking up things on the internet, I would get distracted by my friends talking about something and join in.

Reflection on others big idea: By Jasmine and Tianni

This presentation was about gold rushes, and the history, relationship, and culture.

The most interesting part was when I found out China has a bigger population then Australia, standing at: 1,330,044,605, and Australia: 20,600,856.

I liked it because they had a lot of information, and neat handwriting on the poster so I could clearly see what it says.

Some ideas I might use for next time, is having posters and being more organised.



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