News Report Reflection

How did I contribute to the group?
I think I contributed well in the group. I was organised in bringing clothes and and props we needed to use
What could I improve on?
I could improve on knowing my words better, speaking louder and not looking down at my book.
Did you give your best effort in this task?
I think I gave a good effort, not my best, because I was a bit behind my group with the story I chose.
If you could do the task over, what would you do differently?
I would use different effects, I would use a editing app, use a different app other than using Video FX and I would make it longer.
How do you feel about this piece of work?
I’m not really sure if I like it, because I think we rushed it and we should’ve taken our time.
What did you like about other news reports?
I liked how everyone’s was long and were in different places not in just one spot the whole time.

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