225-275 word challenge

I try be as quiet as I can. I heard the quiet foot steps behind the old heavy door, just the sound of it sends a shudder up my spine. “Hello, Who is behind this door?” I hear a deep voice say. I stay quiet. “You have 10 seconds to get out of there”  I hear the voice say again, I assume it’s a boy because of the deep voice. “10, 9, 8” I look for something to cover me “7, 6” I find a box and put it over my head “5, 4 , 3” I panicked as it doesn’t fit over me, but it gets over me, just in time “2, 1. Alright I’m coming in!!” I hear then I see the door slam open “Stay calm, Stay quiet.” I say to myself. Who ever this person is the sure don’t want anyone to see them “Wow, you really think hiding in a box is going to keep you away from me?!” “Oh no, they see me.” I say to myself. They turn and look at me (in the box obviously). They take off their hoody and I realise it’s Hollie, my best friend “haha, I got you Meg!” She says whilst laughing “Ah, you idiot! You scared me half to death! I will get you back Hollie!” I shriek, then I crack up laughing with her. She helps me out of the box. “Who’s that person behind you that you brought to scare me?!” I say, still slightly laughing “I didn’t bring anyone”

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