At Rose of Lima

Saint Rose of Lima:

Feast Day- August 23
Patron- of Latin America and Phillipines
Born- 20 April, 1586
Death- 24 August, 1617

Born in Lima, Peru 20 April 1586 and died 24 August 1617 (age 31). Her real name was Isabel but she was such a beautiful baby, that her parents then called her Rose.

Canonised- In 1671 by Clement X
Beatified- by Pope Clement IX in 1667 April 15.

I chose St Rose of Lima because most of her life she helped charity’s and cared for people who were sick and hungry. She helped her family with her needle work, making amazing lace. She also tended their garden. Rose was a very helpful women, and cared very much for Jesus. That’s why I chose her.

Specials- First canonised saint of the new world.
Symbols- Crown of Roses and Thorns; needle and thimble; spiked crown; iron chains; Anchor Holy Infant; Roses

What did she do?- She was given sainthood because of her love for Jesus and her many daily pentences.

225-275 word challenge

I try be as quiet as I can. I heard the quiet foot steps behind the old heavy door, just the sound of it sends a shudder up my spine. “Hello, Who is behind this door?” I hear a deep voice say. I stay quiet. “You have 10 seconds to get out of there”  I hear the voice say again, I assume it’s a boy because of the deep voice. “10, 9, 8” I look for something to cover me “7, 6” I find a box and put it over my head “5, 4 , 3” I panicked as it doesn’t fit over me, but it gets over me, just in time “2, 1. Alright I’m coming in!!” I hear then I see the door slam open “Stay calm, Stay quiet.” I say to myself. Who ever this person is the sure don’t want anyone to see them “Wow, you really think hiding in a box is going to keep you away from me?!” “Oh no, they see me.” I say to myself. They turn and look at me (in the box obviously). They take off their hoody and I realise it’s Hollie, my best friend “haha, I got you Meg!” She says whilst laughing “Ah, you idiot! You scared me half to death! I will get you back Hollie!” I shriek, then I crack up laughing with her. She helps me out of the box. “Who’s that person behind you that you brought to scare me?!” I say, still slightly laughing “I didn’t bring anyone”

The week ahead of me!

I’ve got a big week ahead of me! On Friday I have interschool swimming, and for the whole weekend I’m in warnambool competing for Torquay in nippers.  I’m so nervous and excited! Then the Tuesday im doing school cross country! I think I might sleep well on Tuesday night…


On Saturday 6th of November I went to Mordialloc to compete for a nipper competition.

I came first in flags and second in sprints. I had a great time with all of my friends and I can’t wait to do it again.

News Report Reflection

How did I contribute to the group?
I think I contributed well in the group. I was organised in bringing clothes and and props we needed to use
What could I improve on?
I could improve on knowing my words better, speaking louder and not looking down at my book.
Did you give your best effort in this task?
I think I gave a good effort, not my best, because I was a bit behind my group with the story I chose.
If you could do the task over, what would you do differently?
I would use different effects, I would use a editing app, use a different app other than using Video FX and I would make it longer.
How do you feel about this piece of work?
I’m not really sure if I like it, because I think we rushed it and we should’ve taken our time.
What did you like about other news reports?
I liked how everyone’s was long and were in different places not in just one spot the whole time.

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Happy Halloween!

Tomorrow night I’m going Trick Or Treating with my friend Lily. We are going as Zombie School Girls! I’m so excited. We are going to tell funny halloween stories, and watch movies. We are going to watch Bring It On: In It To Win It

Are you going Trick Or Treating?

What is your favourite time of the year?

Let me know in the comments!

SnapShot- Rock Concert

As I walk into the arena, the music is pounding so loud, “Fluffy Snitzel! Fluffy Snitzel!” The crowd is going crazy waiting for Fluffy Snitzel to apear on the stage. My heart is pounding so hard with excitement, “AHHHHHHHH” everyone screams as Fluffy Snitzel apears on stage….

Reflection On Big Idea

I think my sharing session was okay most people that came to our workshop, listened then some other mucked around, so I think that next time I could be a bit more controllable with peoples actions.

What went well was we were organised with all our information, and it wasn’t all over our books on different pages.

What I could improve on for next time is speaking a little louder, and not look at my book all the time.

The most interesting fact I learnt from my research was that immigrants from England have been the largest group to migrate from England to Australia.

I used my investigation time alright. Because every time I would be looking up things on the internet, I would get distracted by my friends talking about something and join in.

Reflection on others big idea: By Jasmine and Tianni

This presentation was about gold rushes, and the history, relationship, and culture.

The most interesting part was when I found out China has a bigger population then Australia, standing at: 1,330,044,605, and Australia: 20,600,856.

I liked it because they had a lot of information, and neat handwriting on the poster so I could clearly see what it says.

Some ideas I might use for next time, is having posters and being more organised.



Feedback: Big Idea Workshop

Bonnie: you did good,  

Paris: you were a bit distracted, but you had a good amount of information, and interesting information

Charlotte: they had a lot of information, I could understand it, but they were a bit distracted
Eva-May: I think it went well I liked how you set it out and had your essential question in the middle, so we could see it.
Macy: I liked how you had a lot of information
Hannah S: You did quite well, you looked at your books alot and you spoke loud
Millie E: next time you could not look at your book a lot.