At Rose of Lima

Saint Rose of Lima:

Feast Day- August 23
Patron- of Latin America and Phillipines
Born- 20 April, 1586
Death- 24 August, 1617

Born in Lima, Peru 20 April 1586 and died 24 August 1617 (age 31). Her real name was Isabel but she was such a beautiful baby, that her parents then called her Rose.

Canonised- In 1671 by Clement X
Beatified- by Pope Clement IX in 1667 April 15.

I chose St Rose of Lima because most of her life she helped charity’s and cared for people who were sick and hungry. She helped her family with her needle work, making amazing lace. She also tended their garden. Rose was a very helpful women, and cared very much for Jesus. That’s why I chose her.

Specials- First canonised saint of the new world.
Symbols- Crown of Roses and Thorns; needle and thimble; spiked crown; iron chains; Anchor Holy Infant; Roses

What did she do?- She was given sainthood because of her love for Jesus and her many daily pentences.