Book Review- The False Prince~ Jennifer A. Neilsen





This Books Blurb: Four boys have been kidnapped, four boys who look remarkably similar. When one of the boys, Sage, discovers the truth behind there capture – that a boy will be chosen to impersonate the kingdoms missing prince – he can only guess at the danger that now lies ahead. Sage knows there is only one way he can survive this game of lies and deceit. He must become the prince… Or he will be killed.

I chose to read this book because the heading looked interesting, and it was something I have never read before.

Do I like this book? I am enjoying this book because it has a lot of descriptive words, it’s always making me want to read on and I’m really engaged in this book.

Who is the author? Jennifer A. Neilsen

Main Character? Sage

This book made me feel like I was the main characters eyes and being right there.

My Favourite Character? Is Sage, because he is so confident and isn’t really afraid to do anything.

List some characters and describe them.  Conner- Wise and mature man, rich and works as a nobleman in the court (Kingdom) .    Roden- Light brown hair, large and tanned.   Tobias- Smart orphan, educated better than the others.   Sage- Dark blonde hair, and is a very adventurous and confident boy.




Text three: HOME AND AWAY

Home and away connects to the real world, because in Australia we have made a boat stay at sea for a week or a month now, because the government won’t let them in. In the book, people are migrating to Australia, Because they live in a war zone.

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Here Is the start of my story!!

The wave hit me like a thousand bricks. I tossed and turned, the crowd gasped as they saw my surfboard come flying above the wave. The set had finished. Paramedics came rushing out into the water, on jet skis and boats, I was struggling to breathe, then everything went black…

I hope you like it!

Do you have any ideas on what I can call this story? If so, please comment on this post!


Snap Shot Writing

The icy winter air blew across my brothers face, as he was taking his first proper jump as a snowboarder, he screamed in delight ‘YES’ his voice echoed through the screen of my iPad, when he landed it. I showed my mum, and she told me he had only been snowboarding for a few days. I was amazed.
Vic markets
I looked around the enormous aisles with Lily, getting pushed about by people walking past. All I can smell is the horrible infecting smoke toxins, going in and out my lungs. Finally we get out of the enormous aisles and buy some hot delicious jam donuts, I can feel the warmth in my hands, I take a bite, and the sugary sweetness fills my tummy.
My face filled with joy, seeing Lily again. We so many horrible challenges, Lily won the warhead challenge when I had two warheads in my mouth I thought I was going to faint! But we had so much fun. then we had the best, most delicious Alfredo pasta! And we had yummy, tummy filling garlic bread. We decided to watch a The Other Woman on computer. (Very Funny) 

Cotton On Foundation

What do they do?

Cotton On foundation aim to educate 20,000 students by 2020. They do charities like run Australia. Cotton On are good role models because they really believe that they can educate 20,000 students in Southern Uganda well educated by 2020. Fundraisers that help this cause: Run Australia, Water and #projectfriendship bracelets.

What fruits and gifts do they show?

Kindness- Because they are actually going over to Southern Uganda to help build schools with the money they raised.

Patience-  Cotton On have been doing this charity for a while and they didn’t just say that they have to educate 20,000 students now they know that its going to take a while.

Creation story’s

Lili did well on recording who wrote the story’s and when they were published. She also wrote what it was about, and the title of the story.

I didn’t get to read the story’s that she put in her own words, because she left her book at home.

Meg did really well on her story

and she also didn’t record who wrote the story, when it was published.



This is a video of singing #thatpower with Justin Beiber. I am posting this on my blog because Lily and I are doing as a music project.

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Ahh, last day of school! Fun last day with friends watching Monsters University. Yesterday we had a Mega Challenge Day, it was so fun (especially when Blue won!). I made heaps of origami Butterflies for 50 points. In the end, Blue’s total score was 4006! Green came second, then Purple in third, Red in fourth and Yellow in last. our reward was to have free time instead of cleaning up; we also got Mars bars and Twix (I had a Twix). After school, all my friends and I ran to Macdonalds, just to get a seat, it gets so crazy up there that you need to get there early so you can get a spot. Anyways I’m home now with my cousins now. Were drawing and listening to music.